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  • Florencia Guerzovich

    Florencia Guerzovich

  • Jewlya Lynn

    Jewlya Lynn

    Jewlya Lynn is a facilitator, advisor, and researcher who works with leaders dedicated to making a difference in the world by solving complex problems.

  • Harvard Ash Center

    Harvard Ash Center

    Research center and think tank at Harvard Kennedy School. Here to talk about democracy, government innovation, and Asia public policy.

  • Arnaldo Pellini

    Arnaldo Pellini

    Founder of www.capability.fi • Associate @ODIdev • governance innovation • knowledge systems • problem-driven development • www.knowledgecounts.fi • own view

  • Tom Wein

    Tom Wein

    Writing about dignity, development and organising. tomweinresearch.me for more.

  • Dieter Zinnbauer

    Dieter Zinnbauer

    governance, innovation, justice, tech and cities — copenhagen business school — views all mine

  • Brendan Halloran

    Brendan Halloran

    Currently thinking about efforts to make states more responsive and accountable to their citizens, as well as politics, governance and urbanism more generally.

  • Arbie Baguios

    Arbie Baguios

    Humanitarian — by nature and by profession. Altruism, behavioural science, complexity, decolonisation, development, economics, philosophy, systems thinking.

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