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  • Claudia Chwalisz

    Claudia Chwalisz

    Leading work on innovative citizen participation at OECD. Author of ‘The People’s Verdict’ and ‘The Populist Signal’. Views my own. www.claudiachwalisz.com

  • Debatingaccfutures


  • Mikael Seppälä

    Mikael Seppälä

    📈 Project Manager #InnovationManagement & #Ecosystems @LaureaUAS | ⚡️ @systemschangefi #SystemsChange | 🔥 #SystemsThinking #Complexity

  • Caitlin O'Neill Gutierrez

    Caitlin O'Neill Gutierrez

    Systems Change Lead at The Children’s Society

  • Rob Ricigliano

    Rob Ricigliano

    Rob Ricigliano is the Systems & Complexity coach at The Omidyar Group, where he supports teams as they engage complex systems to make societal change.

  • Alix Sara

    Alix Sara

    Vancouver-based monitoring and evaluation specialist. Also expert napper, mess maker, dog lover, and food enthusiast. You can find me on twitter @alixwadeson.

  • Florencia Guerzovich

    Florencia Guerzovich

  • Jewlya Lynn

    Jewlya Lynn

    Jewlya Lynn is a facilitator, advisor, and researcher who works with leaders dedicated to making a difference in the world by solving complex problems.

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