• Shruti Patel

    Shruti Patel

    Lifelong learner striving to make development aid work better. Here because “If you don’t take risks for your opinion, you are nothing” ~Nassim Taleb

  • Gilbertmuyumbu


  • Ana Larcher

    Ana Larcher

  • Garry Pearson

    Garry Pearson

  • Benedictus Dwiagus Stepantoro

    Benedictus Dwiagus Stepantoro

    dad • husband • believer • skeptic • evaluator • developmentalist

  • Chaturvedi Aayushi

    Chaturvedi Aayushi

  • Chris Roche

    Chris Roche

    Independent Thinker on Development Issues - at least for a while...currently at La Trobe University

  • Brian levy

    Brian levy

    Brian Levy is a thought and strategic leader in integrating governance into development strategy. He teaches at SAIS, Johns Hopkins University.

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